The benefits of getting a free laptop with broadband

September 27, 2010 · Filed Under free laptop with broadband 

With the state of the global economy, it comes as no surprise that companies are trying to attract customers with as many offers and gimmicks as possible. One offer that many broadband companies are starting to offer is a free laptop when signing up for a contract.

Thousands of people across the UK sign up for broadband internet every day, and many companies would prefer having those customers instead of another corporation. The cost of internet hasn’t gone up but instead of an instant savings customers are offered a free laptop incentive.

These laptops usually aren’t high end; however they are worth a few hundred quid. Many people that are in the market for broadband just have a desktop computer so getting a laptop would help them transition into the mobile era.

A large portion of consumers still don’t have a laptop or broadband internet, making this deal applicable to many people. Imagine being able to use a computer just about anywhere. In the bedroom, the kitchen or even the dining room. The laptop can even be taken on the road to travel and watch movies or stay productive anywhere.

These free laptop with broadband deals are especially great for people with desktop computers that are more than a couple years old as most of these laptops are stronger than the average desktop computer from a few years ago. This makes for a splendid deal for consumers as they won’t have to spend extra money to get the full effectiveness of their newly purchased broadband.

Overall these offers are not a gimmick but a truly great deal. The cost of broadband internet over the past few years has gone down enough to rival that of DSL, making broadband the better choice. And with the addition of a free laptop, how could anyone go wrong!


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