Avoid pitfalls when selecting a free laptop with broadband

September 27, 2010 · Filed Under free laptop with broadband 

Its difficult enough trying to select a broadband provider without all the companies that sell internet connections also offering free gifts as an incentive to join their networks. These days there has been an explosion of free laptop with broadband offers in the UK broadband market and now selecting the right deal is more difficult than ever.

However while the addition of a free laptop to your broadband package may sound exciting it is still worth remembering that you need your broadband to be suitable or you will end up paying much more for your “free laptop” than you may actually need!

Before rushing headlong into a broadband deal first check that the actual broadband is suitable. To do this first you need to consider just how often you are likely to use the internet.

If you are likely to be a light user, just going online to surf the net and send the odd email then a low bandwidth package will be fine.

If you intend to use the internet to download movies you will need to make sure that your broadband download allowance is high enough and that may mean paying a little more for your bundle.

Once you are happy that the broadband provider is offering high speed broadband that is suited to your usage need then you should select your laptop. For light usage you may wish to select a small netbook which will keep the cost of your “overall” bundle down or you may wish to select the laptop with the largest possible screen if you intend to watch movies on it.

We hope this article helps you to select the right broadband package and avoid the mistake of selecting broadband only for the free laptop that it may come with.


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